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Cadet Academy Staff

The Staff of the Cadet Academy is made up of carefully selected members of New Hampshire law enforcement from all aspects of the profession including city, municipal, county and state law enforcement agencies, and even a member from the United States Military Police Corps.  Our MP was also the first staff member to have completed all three levels of the Academy as a youth and return as staff.  The Command Staff has confidence in these officers knowing they  will adhere to the high goals and standards to which the program strives.  While many apply to be on Staff, few are selected.   In order to be on Staff one must be an active, sworn member of a New Hampshire or Federal Law Enforcement agency.  The exception to this rule is for the in-house nurse who is a certified School RN who is often assisted by a NH licensed EMT.  The Commander is required to be employed in a full time position with their agency when appointed.  





2022 Academy Staff

Front Row (L-R): Det. Sgt. Justin D. Rowe*- NH State Police, Sgt. Valerie Crone-Sutton Police Department, Lt. Dawn Shea-Allenstown Police Department, TFC. Chris Ball*- NH State Police, Ofc. Joanna Phan-Londonderry Police Department, Dep. Joshua Toms-Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Ofc. Amanda Perry- NH Probation and Parole, Lt. Jen Payne-Strafford County Sheriff's Office, Lt. Anne Gould- Rochester Police Department, Janine Riley RN, Ofc. Jill Bonan*- Plymouth Police Department.

Back Row (L-R): Dep. Scott Pihl-Merrimack County Sheriff's Office, Sgt. Peter Beede-Moultonborough Police Department, Ofc. Amanda Smith- Manchester Police Department, Det. Kyle Danie*- Rochester Police Department, SFC. Derek Atwood*- United States Army Military Police, Lt (Ret) Pierre Pouliot*- Goffstown Police Department, Ofc. Jacqueline Pelletier- Goffstown Police Department, Dep. Pete Chierichetti- Grafton County Sheriff's Office, Ofc. Joshua Fisher*- Newbury Police Department, Sgt. Annaliese Schmidt-Newmarket Police Department.

Missing from photo: Academy EMT Chief Samuel W. Frank II. Canaan Police Department.






*- attended the program as a youth

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